Affiliate system – system, which is designed for the managing of affiliate traffic. It provides the possibility to create new deals with brands quickly, easily, without wasting time.

It makes possible to send data on various API, statistics gathering on completed deals, contains analysis of received statistics and, moreover, the functional execution of mutual set eleme.


Why we build another CRM?

  • The main question is why to build a new crm and not use open source one?
  • The current open-source CRM solutions ware built a long time ago as a general CRM systems that were not designed for the fintech industry and based on old slow technology;
  • We want to see statistics and analytics in real-time so we using state of the art databases and servers that were not available for older crms;
  • We are connecting the CRM we our media applicati.
  • Dynamically create analytics for your brand;
  • View everything in a chart or a table.
  • View all the leads in your system;
  • Filter millions of leads in lightning speed thanks to the Clickhouse database;
  • Dynamically hide and show columns.
  • View all the information of the client;
  • Add notes and follow ups;
  • With his trading information.
  • View all the managers that use the system;
  • View your manager statistics and conversion.
  • Upload leads from file;
  • Validate leads on upload.
  • View the all the events and follow up of the manager;
  • Add events of click;
  • Different colors for different event.
  • Create structure of you call centers;
  • View all your organization in a tree view.
  • Approve or decline documents from the table view;
  • See all the available documents and filter in them;
  • View the document in a click.
  • View your notification and events from any view.
  • View a list of notifications and events.


We have created a bunch of landing pages, and also CMS systems which allows to a client use his account comfortably and easily after the registration.